COVID Information

To help you to plan for your Consultation please read carefully the below which details my compliance with the restrictions currently in place:

  • The boutique will be fully and stringently cleansed prior to your arrival.
  • All gowns are placed in ‘Quarantine’ for 48hours in between Consultations to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.  This procedure is recommended by and is fully in line with the governments recommendations.
  • Your Consultation Time 1 ½hrs-2hrs
  • I would be delighted for you to invite up to two Special Guests to accompany you.  You are most welcome to invite other guests to your consultation via Facetime or Zoom using your own devices.
  • Once in the boutique I will ask you and your guest to use Alcohol Based  Hand Sanitizer, you may use your own, but I have plenty to offer you.  This must be used upon entry and exit of the boutique and during the appointment too.  I may ask you to hand sanitize in between trying on dresses and please feel free to hand sanitize as many times as you and your guest feel necessary whilst in the boutique.
  • I am required to subscribe to the Governments Track and Trace System and have a QR Code on display.  Prior to your arrival, please ensure that you have downloaded the NHS COVID-19 App to your smart phone so that you can scan the code to ensure we all comply with the Covid Secure Requirements.
  • I have invested in Air Purifiers which help to keep the air inside the boutique clean, however I will also have windows open for extra ventilation where appropriate.
  • During your appointment I will be wearing a face covering and a face shield.  I kindly ask you and your guests to wear a conforming face covering at all times during your consultation as it is compulsory to do so. If you are unable to bring along your own face coverings, I am happy to provide them for you but please advise before arrival.

  • I have a large separate fitting room where you will be stepping into the gowns. Keeping a 2m distance from each other will be a little tricky so it is at this point that your face covering should 100% be applied and secure.  To enable you to step into the dresses safely, I will lay each dress on the floor for you and as you step into each gown I will step back.  Not every gown will fit you but with your permission I will then step forward to adjust the dress with pins to ensure the best fit possible.  We will then return to the showroom area to see your guests and whoever you choose to be with us via the powers of technology!


Should you or your guest or a member of your households be showing any symptoms of Covid-19 (new continuous cough, a fever or a loss of taste or smell) then please let me know prior to your arrival so that we may reschedule.

Also, should you or your guest or a member of your household have taken a PCR test for Covid-19 in the last 14 days, have tested positive or are waiting for test results from a Covid-19 test taken within the last 14 days please let me know prior to your appointment so that we may reschedule.

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